We began this journey with one focus in mind. To assist companies with the grueling work of penetrating the government marketplace. The founders and team members have over 40 years of direct project experience in preparing, as well as consulting in government contracts. Our success as a company goes hand in hand with the success of our clients. The team at Government Marketplace has helped thousands of small, medium, and large size businesses over the years. We look forward to helping many more companies achieve their goals of stepping into, competing, and growing in the government marketplace.

We are a woman-owned, for-profit small business of America formed in the great state of Delaware. Our primary mission support as advisory consultants is providing our clients with proactive marketing strategies that work to penetrate the government marketplace and ultimately to increase company revenue by connecting them with the world’s largest purchaser of products and services; the United States Government. Client satisfaction is and always will be our focus. Get in touch with us today to find out how your company can benefit from selling its products and services to the government.

Mission Statement

"I would recommend to any owner interested in GSA to get help from Government Marketplace."
Tim Smith - TTY, LLC
"We are pleased to be the owners of a GSA contract and we look forward to many years of sales and service to the US Government."
Harold "Holly" Hollander - H&H Supply, Inc.
"When we first embarked on this project, the project seemed daunting. The unified Government Marketplace team made the process very straight forward and easy to follow along."
Eric Etkin - Seisan Consulting
"All groups and departments provided day-to-day on-going support, which moved us closer to the final GSA award. "
Rosalyn Berns - IMC, inc.