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Bid Writing

Everyday, different Local, State, and Federal agencies put out opportunities for bid. However there is not an effective way for companies to locate, and to bid on government work by themselves. Which is where we come in!

We have an amazing team of Bid Solicitation Writers who have tremendous experience in the Government Arena!

Government Registrations

Give your company a huge advantage within the Government Marketplace by obtaining certain Government Registrations, along with Business Certifications.

Don't miss out on government business because you're not properly registered or certified with respective government agencies.

FSS Proposal Services

Only 0.003% of companies have a Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) contract. Yet, the Federal Government spends over $40 billion dollars exclusively with FSS contract holders on an annual basis.

Companies from over 30 different industries can benefit from obtaining this contract that gives your business a great advantage within the Government Marketplace.

4. Gov't Marketing

You must market your company efficiently in any market, especially when it comes to the Government Marketplace. We offer an exceptional marketing package to help companies get noticed and target certain agencies.

We have extensive knowledge on how to compete within this lucrative marketplace.

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We know that the marketplace is constantly changing and the importance of not falling behind. Our tactics and strategies of penetrating the Government Marketplace are fresh and we're always looking forward to the future to better ourselves and the clients we work with!

The Value

Value of government work

Long Term Business

Certain contracts allow your company to sell for multiple years directly to government agencies! The United States Government is always looking to do business with reputable and responsible vendors. Longevity and consistency is what matters in this every changing marketplace.

Unique Income Source

Limiting your company only to the commercial marketplace can result in important missed opportunities. Opening

Building Relationships

Doing business with the U.S. Government allows your establish vital connections with multiple different agencies, contracting officers, and even other companies. Penetrating this marketplace can be quite difficult without the right team of consultants. Let us show you whats out there!

Competitive Advantage

Only a small number of companies actually doing business with the government. Now is the time to get an edge in this fast changing economy. The government is constantly spending money with american companies everyday. If you want to make an impression on your competition, contact us to find out if your company is ideal for the government marketplace!

"I would recommend to any owner interested in GSA to get help from Government Marketplace."
Tim Smith - TTY, LLC
"We are pleased to be the owners of a GSA contract and we look forward to many years of sales and service to the US Government."
Harold "Holly" Hollander - H&H Supply, Inc.
"When we first embarked on this project, the project seemed daunting. The unified Government Marketplace team made the process very straight forward and easy to follow along."
Eric Etkin - Seisan Consulting
"All groups and departments provided day-to-day on-going support, which moved us closer to the final GSA award. "
Rosalyn Berns - IMC, inc.